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Dr. Pedro Noguera - Sociologist, Author, Expert on Impact of Society & Culture on Schools

Excellence through Equity: Making Powerful Teaching & Learning Available to All Students
While the movement for standards and accountability has largely succeeded in bringing greater attention to disparities in student achievement, surprisingly little attention has been given to what it takes to create conditions in schools that will make achievement for all students more likely. Missing from much of the policy debate related to achievement is how to place equity at the center of education reform, and how to support and cultivate effective teaching in schools. This presentation will describe principles and practices that have proven effective in meeting the needs of a wide variety of learners, and how they can avoid the zero-sum scenario which leads some to believe that we have to choose between the pursuit of excellence and equity. This presentation will show why the path to excellence is through equity and what we can do to make it happen. It will also explore how schools can develop effective partnerships with parents and community groups to further efforts to raise achievement.

Baruti Kafele - Internationally-Renowned Speaker and Best-Selling Author

David Rendall - International Speaker, Author, Neurodiversity Thought Leader


Steve LePock - Risk Manager - Virginia Beach City Public Schools

An Administrator’s Guide to Reducing Injuries to Students and Staff by 50 Percent
Schools have a primary duty to safeguard staff and students in their care while educating the “risk aware” citizens of tomorrow. A systematic inspection process to managing safety risks in our schools is vital. This session will show you, as entertaining as possible, how to conduct School Self Audits of your facility in order to eliminate unsafe conditions and acts while reducing the School Division’s liability along the way. This audit process will document any risks associated with a facility and what precautions must be taken to minimize each risk. Operationally it helps avoid costly accidents, disruption losses and damage to the school’s morale and reputation. And, most importantly it helps to ensure that everyone goes home in the same condition as when they arrived at school.

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